Serving as OneKingdom

Our Partners

— Media to Movements

Media to Movements’ coaches will help you fine-tune and implement your MTM strategy, connect you to other practitioners in your region and resource you along the way.

— Kingdom.Training

Kingdom.Training’s MTM Strategy Development Course which will introduce you to the 10 most basic elements needed to craft a MTM strategy for your context.

— Kavanah Media

Kavanah Media specializes in “top of the funnel” digital marketing and campaign management to assist disciple makers in their MTM strategy.

— Visual Story Network

Visual Story Network exists to foster movements of media, story and innovation that accelerate disciple-making and church planting.

— Team Expansion

More than just a partner, Team Expansion is OneKingdom’s sending organization. We are a multi-organizational team guided and coached by Team Expansion. We partner with other MTM entities to coach MTM teams catalyzing Disciple Making Movements in Europe.