Serving as OneKingdom

Our Partners

— Media to Movements

Media to Movements’ coaches will help you fine-tune and implement your MTM strategy, connect you to other practitioners in your region and resource you along the way.

— Kingdom.Training

Kingdom.Training’s MTM Strategy Development Course which will introduce you to the 10 most basic elements needed to craft a MTM strategy for your context.

— Kavanah Media

Kavanah Media exists to serve mission teams and organizations by building strategic partnerships and solving the complex challenges of digital engagement so that they can accomplish their great commission objectives.

— Visual Story Network

Visual Story Network exists to foster movements of media, story and innovation that accelerate disciple-making and church planting.

— Team Expansion

More than just a partner, Team Expansion is OneKingdom’s sending organization. We are a multi-organizational team guided and coached by Team Expansion. We partner with other MTM entities to coach MTM teams catalyzing Disciple Making Movements in Europe.