Living as OneKingdom

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey and his family joined the OneKingdom team in 2023 after serving in Russia and Bosnia. His role in operations empowers the rest of the team to focus on what they do best.

Since 2006, he’s served overseas in a variety of roles, and with the OneKingdom team, he will be putting all of that experience to use to help streamline the tech side of things for the team while also coaching new Media to Movements teams across Europe. Jeffrey’s calling is to empower others to reach the people to whom God has called them. While serving in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he worked on a Media to Movements team that was started by OneKingdom, and when God arranged the opportunity for him to help others across Europe to use digital strategies to find spiritual seekers, it was a no-brainer.

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, godly wife and four awesome kids. We love to lead others in worship together, and we are passionate about putting people ahead of projects. We’re broken in so many ways but so blessed that God shines through our cracks. Our desire is to live authentic lives and minister to others as the Spring of Life inside of us overflows the capacity of our earthen vessels.

Our prayer is that God will use us in some way to see the Great Commission fulfilled in Europe, together.