Love Your Neighbor

Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

Praying for and serving our neighbors in ukraine

The OneKingdom Team cares about the war in Ukraine and the millions of our neighbors who are being impacted by this conflict. Already more than 2 million refugees have crossed the border and many more are expected in the coming days.

We are committed to helping in the following ways:

Pray for Ukraine

We are praying for all who are affected by this war and that many in Ukraine and Russia will turn to Jesus. To join the worldwide movement of prayer warriors seeking the Father on behalf of Ukraine, CLICK THE PRAYER ICON.

Provide aid for refugees

We will share food, supplies, shelter and other resources as we are able.

Partner with others

We are partnering with local churches and organizations to be a greater blessing than we could be on our own.

Produce Gospel content

We are working with a coalition of global disciple makers to make digital content (like the video below) that can be shared with those in and fleeing Ukraine who are in need of help and hope. Our efforts are helping to connect the people of Ukraine with critical resources and with believers who will walk with them during this unimaginable season.

Listen to a Urkainian sister in Christ pour out her heart in prayer to our Father.

About this video: Multiple believers pulled together in order to start a Media to Movement initiative into Ukraine. This video was thus created and ran in Ukraine. After just one week, this video has been watched in its entirety by more than 1/2 million Ukrainians.

The need for prayer by the Ukrainian people has never been greater.

Give Hope.

If the Lord is leading you to partner with us to provide hope and to meet the urgent and ongoing needs of our Ukrainian neighbors, please click the donate button below to GIVE to our team.

Please type “UKRAINE” in the ‘Note’ section, so we can better track donations given for this specific purpose. 

All funds will be used to provide for the immediate needs of those in crisis and in the abundant sewing of Gospel seeds using media.  Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness!