Advancing M2M in Europe. Together.

The OneKingdom Media Summit brings together partner M2M teams in Europe who are using social media content and marketing to accelerate disciple-making.

We are gathering together to pray, help each other overcome barriers, create content (while increasing content development skills), and further develop our community of practice.


Arrival Day:      March 6, 2023
Summit:           March 7-10, 2023
Departure:       March 10 at 12:00

Cost: Conference

The cost for the Media Summit is two-tiered. Theres the basic cost of the conference and theres a discount for those teams that have joined the OneKingdom EuroHub.

Price is per person and includes:

  • Cost of the Conference
  • Lunch for the 3 full days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) + snacks and coffee during the Summit
  • A few bonuses to be revealed at the Summit ūüôā
Early Registration (Jan 2023)
Normal Registration (Feb 1-15)
Late Registration (Feb 16-28)
Price for EuroHub Teams
Price for non-EuroHub Teams*

*  to learn more about becoming a EuroHub Team, click here.

NOTE: Registration is capped at 40 people and the interest is high so please register as soon as possible. It is open only for Core Team participants (or M2M key leaders) at this time. A team usually brings 2-3 of their key leaders that are actively involved with their M2M initiative.

Cost: Accommodation

Accommodations will be the responsibility of participants.

When looking for an accommodation, there are two primary locations (both located along the same metro line) that we would suggest that you look.

  • One location is just a 2-3 minute walking distance to the conference location; its called Bikas Park ¬†and is also a metro line stop.
  • The other location is in the middle of downtown Budapest and its the first stop from the airport if you’re taking the bus from the airport. Its called¬†Kalvin ter¬†. This is also the location of the same metro line as Bikas Park, the green line, just 5 stops and 7 minutes on the metro separate the two.

When searching for an Accommodation on

  1. Click on one of two options:
    a. “Budapest, Bik√°s park, Hungary” or
    b. “Budapest, Kalvin ter, Hungary
  2. Click on the “Show on Map” button
  3. Find “Search on map” and enter either Danube International Church or Kalvin ter (depending on where you’re looking for an accommodation. Doing this will put a pin on the map so you can see walking distance between your accommodation and the conference location or your accommodation downtown and the Kalvin ter metro line.


The location for the March, 2023 Summit will be in Budapest, Hungary at the Danube International Church.

*NOTE: Accommodations are separate from the Conference location and is the responsibility of participants. Please see the Cost section for details.

Danube International Church
1119 Budapest, Etele ut 55

Map Link:



Getting from the airport to downtown Budapest is really easy.

  • Bus 100E leaves from the airport every 7-10 minutes and takes you directly to downtown.
  • The cost for the ticket is a few Euros, takes about 30-40¬†
  • Get off at the very first stop, Kalvin ter.
  • Click¬†this link¬†for more precise details.

Kalvin terr to Danube International Church (conference location) is a 7 minute metro ride with 3-4 minutes of walking once exiting the metro.

For information on finding and getting to your accommodation, look in the section on this page, “Cost: Accommodation

For information on getting to the conference location, look in the section on this page, “Location of Conference

Concerning Covid, here are some helpful links and information:

There are no longer any COVID-related travel restrictions for Hungary:

This link takes you to the US Embassy for Budapest site. Here they have Entry and Exit Requirements for Hungary.

The Budapest Airport has its own, very efficient covid testing center so getting testing is super simple. They offer:

    • Antigen tests results in 20 minutes: HUF 11 000 ($35)
    • PCR test with results in 24 hours: HUF 19 500 ($63)
    • Rapid PCR test with results in 2 hours: HUF 45 000 ($145)

More information about the Budapest airport Covid test is available on the Budapest airport website. You can also register for your Covid test at the airport before arriving or departing. You can pay online and potentially fast track your wait (the payment system is trustworthy).


We are excited that the feedback from the 2022 Summit was for more time together. So, we've added a day to enhance our relational and productive time.

To hear more about this years Media Summit: Create-a-thon including our Primary and Secondary objectives for the conference, watch this 8 minute video for details.

2023 Media Summit Schedule Outline:

  • March 6:¬† ¬† Arrival Day + a bonus time of Prayer and Worship from 7:00-8:00pm
  • March 7:¬† ¬† Full day (conference starts at 09:00)
  • March 8:¬† ¬† Full day
  • March 9:¬† ¬† Full day
  • March 10:¬† ¬†Conference ends at 12:00