Using the Media-to-Movement Strategy to Accelerate Making Disciples Throughout Europe

The Need in Europe

Europe is filled with millions of people who have little to no access to the Gospel. Out of those millions, how can we identify and connect with those who would be receptive to the Good News? What if that search took days and weeks instead of months and years? With a Media to Movement (MTM) strategy, this is not only possible but proven.

Watch this three minute case study video of how God accelerated our teamย when we launched MTM in 2018.

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Our Vision

OneKingdom team (sent by Team Expansion) is creating a European Media to Movement Hub with the vision of seeing a MTM Core Team operating in every country across the European continent.

Each MTM Core Team is trained, equipped, empowered, and released to use a contextual social media strategy to deliver Gospel messages, find seekers, and connect them with local believers, missionaries, and church communities.

This strategy is accelerating the process from seeker to saved in an exciting way that can be easily replicated by new Christians, creating rapid multiplication of the Gospel. Each time a new disciple is made, they go on to make disciples. Our goal is to see multiplication to the fourth generation, creating a Disciple Making Movement all across Europe.

Teams We've Launched

and are partnered with

What We Do


โ€” We Pray

We pray regularly, asking the God of the Universe to increase His Harvest among the people of Europe.


โ€” We Seek

We use social media to find Seekers who are on a journey toward Jesus.


โ€” We Collaborate

We love to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations who also desire to see the Gospel spread through disciple-making movements.


โ€” We Coach

We take teams through a 2-3-month coaching process bringing them from MTM beginners to implementing a robust M2M strategy.


โ€” We Equip

As we coach, we also equip, empower and release teams to run their MTM strategy in a specific-to-their-context way helping them to catalyze a disciple-making movement.


โ€” We Create

We create media geared to those with spiritual openness or those who are seeking Jesus. We provide new MTM teams with ready-to-use resources.

Impact Stories

Asim reached out to us after seeing an ad for a free Bible on our Instagram feed.

We discipled him for a month online and then we took a team and met with him for the day, walking him through the scriptures from creation to Christ. On May 28, he was baptized!

Sasha began a conversation with us when he saw an ad on Facebook that began like this:

“You are not a mistake. There is no other person like you.” He clicked on the link that called him to trade fear for peace. On October 19, he was baptized in the name ofย Jesus Christ!