The vision that drives the Eurohub

to see the Great Comission fulfilled in Europe ...together

What is the EuroHub?

a community of practice of MTM practitioners in Europe​

We have enjoyed coaching several MTM teams up to the launch of their initiatives. We look forward to continuing to add value to each MTM team while at the same time providing the space for each team to bless other MTM teams as well.

Our hope is that the EuroHub community will serve to increase efficiency (of each MTM team’s initiative) as a result of synergistic collaboration.

The EuroHub is a space for:

Increased networking among MTM practitioners
Ongoing coaching and training
Access to existing and developing resources
Practitioners to give and receive support
And more…

How the EuroHub will serve MTM teams

Invitation to join monthly Accelerate coaching calls.

Access to additional content library and MTM campaigns.

Access to exclusive trainings in fund raising, content creation, etc.

Discounted Media Summit pricing and bonus content.

Possible grant opportunities for teams who receive coaching with OK.

Join EuroHub Slack channel for more networking and collaboration.

Leads for potential partnership and coalition development.

OneKingdom annual report that can be shared with supporters.

How MTM teams can invest into the Euro Hub

Attend Accelerate Coaching

Join at least one Accelerate coaching call per quarter

Join MTM Coaching Pool

Have a Core Team member join the global MTM coaching pool

Offer Special Skills

Offer any special skills to help other EuroHub members

For further information on a team's relationship with the EuroHub,
please read the highlights below

If you or your team are interested in knowing more about or in joining the EuroHub, please fill out this contact form and we’ll be reaching out to you soon!

Highlights Of Joining The EuroHub

What we offer

  • No fees for the services we provide
  • Invitation to join monthly EuroHub Accelerate coaching calls
  • Access to monthly MTM Marketing-meet up and Prayer calls
  • Access to exclusive trainings (fundraising, content creation, etc)
  • Access to additional content library / MTM campaigns
  • Support from OneKingdom Marketing Team
  • Connection to OneKingdom Team Member (primary point of contact)
  • Invitation to EuroHub Slack workspace for ongoing networking and collaboration
  • Leads for potential partnership / coalition development
  • Discounted Media Summit pricing and bonus content
  • OneKingdom annual report that can be shared with supporters
  • Grant opportunities for teams that complete implementation or post launch coaching with OK

What we ask

  • Share Quarterly Marketing Reports (provided by OneKingdom) with your coalition/networks
  • Grant OneKingdom access to Disciple.Tools, Social Media, and Google Analytics accounts for the purpose of sharing metrics
  • Complete quarterly reports for
  • Share stories of how God is working, prayer requests, etc. with OneKingdom
  • Participate in a minimum of one Accelerate coaching call per quarter
  • Offer any special skills as time allows to other Euro Hub members